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2000 NAVIDSON LN: A Short Domestic Horror Where You Film the Interior of a House for Money

2000 Navidson Ln is a short atmospheric horror game that was produced by duckenheimer within seven days for the "Found Footage" game jam by the DreadXP community, and was published on April 8th of this year on the platform. In the game, you're low on money and the day to pay your rent is coming. To try to get around this situation, you start taking odd jobs to try to get as much money as possible to survive. One night, you respond to an ad from someone who has bought a house near yours. The person who posted the ad said they wanted you to film the inside of the house to see if everything is ok, and then you go there, only to find that the house's TV is on and there are dishes in the sink, as if someone is there. It's up to you to find out what's going on in the house.

For a game jam, 2000 Navidson Ln offers a rather acceptable horror experience. Most of the game offers more of the scary atmosphere, and in fact that's what happens, as the horror here works on not knowing what might happen during the game. The apprehension felt by the player is the key element here in the game. As for the gameplay, nothing new, it's the same style present in several other indie first-person exploration games, where you just walk, observe with the mouse and interact with the doors. As for the location, I suspect that the assets are the same as those used in Stefano Cagnani's Chucky: The Good Guy game, which leads me to deduce that they are the engine's built-in assets.

Check out the gameplay of 2000 Navidson Ln and, if you're interested, download the game to try it out. Just click on the respective links below.


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