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6 BODIES: Escape from a Sadistic Gas Station Owner in this Horror Game

6 Bodies is an indie simulation and horror game produced by hermitsworlds and published on March 16 this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In 6 Bodies, you walk the road aimlessly, perhaps to air your head. However, you notice that your car is running out of fuel and you end up going to a gas station located on the side of the road. When paying for fuel, you notice that the door you passed through is locked, and that the owner of the place has disappeared. Upon entering a room, you will find a trap door that will take you underground. You must find a way to escape before the owner of the place finds you and ends it.

In terms of graphics, the game has a retro look, with low poly models, giving the idea that it was inspired by the PSX games, Sony's 32-bit console, but improved. In addition, he probably has visual influences from Doom, since the characters are composed of sprites that use the same feature of the game mentioned.

The gameplay of 6 Bodies is typical of other simulation and horror games: you just move around, bend down, interact and look around. Some games can be interesting using only a few commands, and this one falls into that category. Perhaps the only negative point I see here is the HUD. It is very simple and could be improved. Maybe they will be able to improve from now on.

Check out the gameplay of 6 Bodies by clicking on this link here and take the opportunity to download the game on the link below:

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