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A DATE WITH DEATH - Download Game

A Date With Death is a long visual novel game developed by Two And A Half Studios where you play as someone who is contacted by death on a strange chat app and who wants her soul at any cost. However, what seemed to be a simple dark desire turns into a possible love story between opposing dimensions.

The game has a very extensive gameplay that is divided into moments where you are in your apartment, using your notebook and talking to the Grim Reaper. The game's visuals are incredible and there is great customization at the beginning of the game, full of interesting options and others that can be acquired. Furthermore, it is interesting to see the development of your protagonist with Grim Reaper who, from the beginning, seems to be in no rush to get his soul. Which makes for good dialogue.

Check out the A Date With Death gameplay (Part 2)

Check out the A Date With Death gameplay (Part 3)

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