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A DREAM IN HELL: Fight for Your Survival in a Hellish Nightmare in this Horror Game

A Dream in Hell (ADIH) is a short survival horror indie first person shooter that was produced by Jonniemadeit and published on December 11th of this year, on the platform. ADIH gives us a horror found footage experience, in which you control Nate, a police officer who is returning home after another day of work. Along the way, Nate ends up hitting something with his car, but the investigation about it ends up taking an unexpected turn, and Nate soon finds himself in a nightmare, where he tries to fight for his survival.

Visually, the game has strong colors, which change between shades of red, blue and green. The aesthetic, which emulates a VHS tape containing found footage content, is very well produced, and even believable most of the time. Gameplay is typical of many indie FPS games: if you've ever played a game of this type, you'll be able to pick up commands easily.

There's some inspiration from Resident Evil 2 here, as they both manage to bring the same atmosphere, which is great. It's just a shame that A Dream in Hell is so short, as it has great potential for something more elaborate. Check out the gameplay of A Dream in Hell and, if you are interested, download the game by clicking on the links below.



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