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AMERICAN THEFT 80s: Steal and do Shady Jobs in a Small Town from the 80s in this Action Game

American Theft 80s is an indie action-adventure and first-person/third-person simulation game being produced by Noble Muffins and which does not yet have a set release date. However, a demo of the game, titled "Prologue" was published on March 8th, 2022, and is available on the Steam platform. In the Prologue, you are Jack and you are on your first "jobs" as a thief in a small town in America in the 80's. Your objective is to explore this town, going after shady jobs and performing heists wherever you want, using any and all tools you want. you have in your hands, in addition to the knowledge you gain about your tenants.

Look, for me American Theft 80s is an interesting experience, something similar to that obtained in a triple A game. And this is largely due to its gameplay: in Prologo you explore a small town, on foot or driving your car, looking for small jobs dirty. The way you conduct robberies can vary, depending on which tool you have and how much of the time (mostly at night). During the robbery, it is crucial that you always pay attention to the map, as well as the way you walk, because depending on what you are doing, you can execute the act as quickly and flawlessly as possible or end up catching the attention of the owner of the house, or even worse, the police.

As for the graphical aspects, American Theft 80s is impressive. It's not that well-crafted, but it's still far from simple. You see the lighting and the shadow acting in the place in a harmonious way, people walking along the streets, among other aspects. The camera is democratic, as it allows you to move between the first and third person, depending on the player's choice, which even allows for immersive gameplay.

Undoubtedly, American Theft 80s is a game that deserves a lot of attention, as it is a very fun game, with a wide environment and a lot to do. You can check out the gameplay of the game and, if you are interested, you can download the Prologo on the Steam page. Just click on the respective links below.




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