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ANDROXIMA: Explore a Huge Labyrinth Full of Lurking Dangers in this Dark, Sci-Fi Metroidvania Game

Androxima is a Metroidvania-style indie action platformer that is being produced by innerversic and that currently had its prototype version published on February 19th this year, and is available on the platform. The game puts you in a mysterious and interconnected labyrinth, located underground on the planet Androxima. It's up to you to explore the place in search of items and abilities that can help you escape with your life.

There's not much to say here about Androxima: the game is clearly and heavily inspired by Nintendo's famous Metroid franchise, as well as being inspired by the Alien franchise. As in Metroid, you have a huge map to explore, which opens up as you find abilities that allow you to proceed through areas that you couldn't before due to your initial limitations. In terms of visuals and graphics, the game is very well made and features low lighting in some places, to give a slightly more chilling atmosphere.

Undoubtedly Androxima has strong potential to be a new Metroidvania along the lines of Metroid Dread, for example, as both have excellent graphics. Check out the prototype gameplay and, if you're interested, download it to try it out. Just click on the respective links below.



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