AO CARÓN DA LAREIRA: Experience Three Scary Galician Tales in THIS Horror Folk Game

Ao Carón da Lareira (Fireside Tales in English) is a thriller and horror indie game published on November 7th of this year for the "Folk-Horror Game Jam", an event of indie games focused on the folkloric thematic. Here, you live three histories from Galician Mythology, from a people that live in southwest Europe (more precisely on Spain), spoken to you by your Grandfather: the first is about the Legua Dereita's Crime, occurred during early 1900. The second talks about Allariz's Werewolf, and finally, the third story talks about Santa Compaña (Holy Company), some kind of Herald of Death, and a prominent figure of Galician folklore.

The game itself is very short and is completely focused on narrative. There's no interaction on the player's part, except by move into the scenery. The graphics simulate the same visual style as the PlayStation One games, with low-resolution textures and low-poly models. The soundtrack is almost inexistent, relying more on sound effects and ambient sounds, which improves the experience if you use headphones.

You can check out the gameplay by clicking right here, and download the game if you are interested in playing this experience. You only need to click on this link below:

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