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APOTHALYPSE: Save Your Mother and Avenge Your Dead Father in This Artistic Metroidvania Game

Apothalypse is an indie action, adventure, and 2D platform game produced by GIAC and with a demo version published on February 20th this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In the game, you control a hare that apparently woke up from a serious accident, incapacitating you from speaking. The next day, you help your mother and go hunting with your father, until a strange robot kills you and kidnaps your mother. It is up to you to explore a mysterious world and face several challenges to save your mother.

The game is nothing more than the good old "Metroidvania" that is already so well known and used in several games, like Hollow Knight. The art and illustrations of Lizzie Steele are beautiful, each world, with its various characters, has an artistic bias very similar to that of several children's storybooks. The soundtrack, composed of several works by classical musicians like Vivaldi and Bach, is magnificent and combines very well with the game's peculiar art style.

The gameplay is fluid and works well within the game: you have a single weapon, a spear, which improves in use as you kill bosses and gain their skills. The challenge level is great, which requires good use of skills, as well as a balance of use between stamina and health, which is extremely necessary to continue the game. Despite being a good game, it is not without defects: the commands on the keyboard were organized in a somewhat strange way, which can bother some players. In addition, there is no support for control, which is a major flaw in this game.

Despite these small flaws, the game is excellent and worth checking out. The game is in the development phase. Take the opportunity to watch the demo gameplay by clicking on this link here and download it by clicking on the page below:

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