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AWAKEN: ASTRAL BLADE: Discover the Truth About Your Fate with an Alien Parasite in this Action Game

Updated: May 10, 2022

AWAKEN: Astral Blade is an indie third-person action and platform game being produced by Dark Pigeon Game and which has a demo published on the Steam platform. The game does not yet have a release date set. In Astral Blade, you are Loretta, a girl who, due to an attack by an alien beast, ended up having her body completely transformed by a parasite. Now it's up to you to venture through a world full of danger, betrayal and lies in search of redemption.

What we have here at first is a game in the good old metroidvania style, that is, you have a gigantic map, full of challenges and with items that can help you continue in places you couldn't go before. The interesting point here is because of its gameplay. You have a wide range of weapon combinations, making it easy for you to create a unique arsenal for you, due to the parasite inside the character, as well as different items that can provide you with special abilities. Another aspect of the game is the freedom it gives you: at various times you will be forced to make important decisions, which can lead you to different routes and, consequently, to different endings.

But that doesn't stop there; for those who like customization, you can also count on different clothes for Loretta. Depending on your choices, you can create your own style for her, but I believe this is something more aesthetic. And speaking of aesthetics, the game looks impressive. Astral Blade is all done in digital art, from the characters to the scenarios. Everything here is very beautiful and very lively.

Check out the AWAKEN: Astral Blade gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, download the game's demo on the Steam page. Just click on the respective links below.



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