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AZY (2021): Make Hellfire Rain Against a Demonic Cult in this Low-poly FPS Game

Azy is an action and first-person shooter indie game created by WaquDoo and scheduled for release on August 24 this year. Here, you are Azy, an expert demon hunter. After discovering the existence of a demonic cult in a distant land, Azy goes in search of the lost hall, which connects six worlds, in order to accomplish your mission of exterminating every cultist and demon that terrorizes that land.

This game is a redesign of a prototype that had been released on December 22, 2020 and whose prototype received an article of the same name on the channel's website. This current version of Azy has introduced some interesting evolutions: we now have a hub that connects six worlds, featuring notorious inspirations with the first Quake. The graphics of the characters and enemies are still low-poly, but the scenarios presented a new face compared to the previous version, but in my opinion, the game lost some of the charm of the serrated look, being replaced by a more polished look in the scenarios. The gameplay remains the same: you walk, shoot, change weapons and jump, in other words, nothing very different from the previous version.

Without a doubt, Azy presented a great evolution in relation to its prototype. The existence of a hub where you can move through various worlds was a wise decision, but the soundtrack could have a little more whimsy. As in the prototype, this version has repetitive songs that end up giving a bit of boredom. But it still has good potential for a sequel or even a spiritual successor, where the developer can put into practice what he learned creating this game.

Check out the gameplay of this new Azy demo on this link here and take the opportunity to make the purchase, if you are interested, of the game when you leave, on the Steam page below:

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