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BACK HOME FOR CHRISTMAS: A Cute Adventure About a Penguin Who Wants to Return to Your Home

Back Home for Christmas is an adventure indie game created by illumine Team and published on December 23 of this year. Here, the story is narrated as a Christmas Tale and, in this tale, you control a Penguin who was lost on your way home. But, he will count on the aid from charismatic characters during your journey.

This is a very simple adventure game, with simple gameplay, where you only walk and interact with the characters. But is a game made with love, and for a noble cause: The Team behind the game's production states that the game was made in a special way, cherishing hearts of friends and family, as well as enable players to consider donating to a "No Kid Hungry" campaign, fulfilled by Share Our Strength, a team dedicated to solving the hunger and poverty issues on both EUA and World.

Graphics, although cartoonish, has a charm that is no equal: It's notorious the dedication they had here. The soundtrack combines with the enjoying ambient of the game and evolves as you progress through the game.

Despite being a short game, It's a good option to having fun on Christmas' eve. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the game on the link below (the same as the GIF image):

If you, in some way, have considered making a donation, click on this link below and help to feed a child:

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