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BAD BEN: Experience the first Found Footage Video Game with a haunted house.

Bad Ben is an indie horror game developed by corpsepile in conjunction with Dread XP and Breanking Glass Pictures where you play as Tom Riley - voiced by Nigel Bach where you explore a house and discover supernatural events there. Now your goal is to get all the evil out of the way and show who owns it. Yes, that's right.

The game has amazing visuals that bring good realism and simulates a found footage video where everything is shown from the perspective of security cameras located in the rooms of the house in an adventure that mixes horror, comedy and various insults.

After finishing the game once, you unlock new outfits, a shotgun and the game's hard mode, which, in advance, is horrible. Just the same version of the game using a noise filter in the image that makes it difficult to explore, but that makes the game unbearable to try. We play this mode and there is no extra content.

Check out the gameplay


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