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BASEMENT OF HELL 2: A Horror Game With A Basement And A Strange Red Light.

Basement of Hell 2 is a short first-person horror game developed by NeN4bA where you are someone who, after hearing strange sounds coming from the basement, decides to grab your flashlight and check what's wrong. As he descends, he notices that there are long fingers reflected on the wall and a curious red light hovers over the place.

The game has a short duration and can be finished in less than 5 minutes, since there is no big objective to accomplish other than walking around the place, in a linear way, in search of the strange being of the red light, using your flashlight to make the paths easier to navigate.

Honestly, Basement of Hell 2 has generic visuals, including the monster itself - which can be seen in games like Under - and a very simple gameplay. The game doesn't even have a title screen, playing you directly in the gameplay. But it may just be an early build that will receive improvements. Even so, it is a game that manages to guarantee a great atmosphere of horror for the player and a very interesting camera movement.

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