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BEATDOWN DUNGEON - DEMON DAY: Escape from Demon World in this Hybrid RPG/Fighting Game

Beatdown Dungeon is an indie fighting game series that has elements from different styles and was created by Phil Airdash. The first game, which incorporates Dungeon Crawler elements to the fighting style, was released on April 17th, 2016. The second game, titled "Demon Day", incorporates RPG elements and has a demo version, published on November 20th of this year. In this sequel, a fighter called Nitro is woken up by Traude, a waitress that works in the demon world, and discovers that he and your "companions" have been stuck in this world after the events of the first game. In order to come back to the human world, Nitro and your "companions" must defeat the Demon Queen once more, while they beat every threat that runs in the streets of San Fiasco.

The game itself is very peculiar: it presents the already known fighting gameplay style, but with typical elements from RPG games (like equipping and/or use items, leveling up through battles, etc.). The characters are very well designed and, in my opinion, they share a few design similarities with the "Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt" anime; probably it has some influence from this anime since both have similar elements, like demons, demon world, drawing style, etc. (It would be some reference? Who knows?)

The music is interesting: it has a dancing and urban-oriented style, that combines with the world proposed by the game. It's very cool and will certainly get stuck in your brain after some playtime. About the gameplay itself, every character has some unique attacks, and learning your fighting styles is crucial since the game likes being a little cruel in some battles. Besides that, you can have the aid of monsters called "Helpers".

About negative points, I could talk about the lack of more opponents in the Campaign mode, as well as the lack of more fighters on Versus Mode. Yes, I can understand that Campaign Mode will turn on the four main characters, but that doesn't mean that the Versus Mode needs to be stuck in only these four characters. I don't know if Phil will improve this, but I hope that he can think about this until the full release.

In the end, Beatdown Dungeon was a good surprise: characters with style, cool soundtrack, and involving hybrid gameplay... Worth a lot waiting for the full release, no doubt. Check out the gameplay right here and download the demo on the link below:

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