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BEFORE DAWN: Survive the Isolation and Atmosphere of An Island Lighthouse Before Going Insane

Before Dawn is a short indie first-person psychological horror game that was produced by Azaxor and published on January 22nd of this year on the platform. In the game, you find yourself on an island, preparing to work as an apprentice to a former guardian of an ancient lighthouse and a seasoned sailor. Apparently his goal is to endure the solitary work on this island until dawn, but he says it will be difficult, as according to him, many men tried and failed to complete their work before dawn, as the isolation and atmosphere of the island drove them insane.

Apparently inspired (at some points) by the movie "The Lighthouse", with Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe, Before Dawn offers us an experience that combines the best of Lovecraft's horror with the style of black-and-white film that impresses, graphically speaking. , and it's no wonder that anyone who has played some titles produced by Azaxor (such as Crawlerphobia, Okiku and Bloodmoon Church) knows that gamedev takes great care in making a combination of well-made graphics and filters that are a show in their own right. The gameplay is very simple, typical of many first-person horror games produced for In addition, the game offers you two ways to play, one using Keyboard + Mouse and another using PS4 and Xbox One controllers.

You can check out the Before Dawn gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game by clicking on the respective links below.



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