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BIOHAZARD (RESIDENT EVIL): a game that revisits a horror classic but like an FPS game.

Biohazard or Resident Evil is a first-person indie horror game developed by PerroAutonomo where you play the first Resident Evil (Biohazard) in a first-person gameplay. The game is based on the original Capcom Biohazard or Resident Evil franchise and adds the current version of the new games to the original horror adventure game chapter.

The game features low-poly visuals reminiscent of Playstation games and even the colors of the palette are used to create the closest experience to playing the original game but with new gameplay in an unfinished adventure.

The game also appears to take place before the events of the first game, which can be seen in the cutscene that follows the original game visuals and also in in-game cutscenes. Besides, you'll be able to play with Rebecca Chambers and another unknown protagonist.


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