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BLACK AND WHITE APOCALYPSE: Save Your Tribe from Military Oppressors in a Post-apocalyptic World

Updated: Jan 4

Black and White Apocalypse is a short third-person indie action game that was produced by hammergames and published on January 2nd of this year, on the itch.io platform. In the game, a cataclysm decimated most of the human population and, centuries later, the few surviving humans created tribes and settled in different locations. You control a young black man, native to a tribe located on an island. Things change from the moment a military leader, with her army, landed there. At first they showed benevolence, but a deadly outbreak caused by a virus sent you on a journey against this army. A long journey that will take you to gladiators and, further on, a group of resistance.

The game is an apparent sequel to the "Vietnam Episode" and the monochrome (black/white) version of "In The Name of Freedom: Black Apocalypse". I believe this version was made to add more drama to the story (or perhaps to follow the trend that is becoming common in theaters, which is the showing of films in a monochromatic filter). And once again we have a game produced with the quality Hammer Games seal: it presents a diversified gameplay, with moments of action, shooting, hack n slash, which alternate in different moments. In terms of graphics, it is a well produced game, on the same level as other games produced by Hammer, such as Kurofune Samurai.

Check out the gameplay of Black and White Apocalypse and, if you are interested, download the game by clicking on the links below.


DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE: https://hammergames.itch.io/black-and-white-apocalypse

IF YOU'RE INTERESTED, DOWNLOAD THE COLOR VERSION HERE: https://hammergames.itch.io/black-apocalypse

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