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BLIND DRIVE: A Thriller Game where You Drive Down a High-Speed Road Completely Blindfolded

Blind Drive is an indie adventure and black comedy game produced by Lo-Fi People and has a demo version released on February 3rd of this year, on Steam. In the game, you are Donnie, a simple guy who, in an attempt to get some money, you volunteer yourself for an scientific research. You drive down a highway in a test car, put a blindfold on your eyes, and literally handcuff yourself to the steering wheel. The research driver gives his last instructions and starts the car, and it is at that very moment that you discover that the scientist is not who he seems to be, while you drive down a high-speed road, completely blindfolded.

It is interesting how simple things can become a lot of fun in the hands of competent people (You only use two buttons here: the direction buttons, left and right). The idea here is to guide yourself on the road using only auditory perception. Here the use of headphones is VERY NECESSARY, as they guarantee an excellent immersion in the game. You dodge the cars by listening to the side they come from, and thus going the opposite way. During the game you will be constantly hindered by the advances of the scientist, whether through loud and frantic music or the turbo mode of the car.

Without a doubt, Blind Drive is an auditory spectacle. The audio design is absurdly excellent, with a great voice acting that, by itself, already leads the story. The visual aspect, although simple, can help a lot when combined with the immersive sound that the game offers. There is nothing more to comment on here, it is a unique experience, which I strongly recommend.

Blind Drive is scheduled for full release on March 10 of this year not only for PC, but also for Android and Mac. Check out the gameplay of the game by clicking here and download the demo at the link below, the same link you can use to place the game in your wishlist:

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