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BLOCKAGE: Find the Source of Your Strange Symptoms in this Psychological Horror Game

Blockage is a short (and weird) indie Action, Interactive Fiction and Visual Novel game that was produced by dis0rder and Ankea for this year's Ludum Dare and published on April 5th on the platform. In Blockage, you follow the story of a guy who, on a certain day at work, began to notice that he was having difficulty concentrating, in addition to not feeling the taste of food anymore and suffering a certain numbness in his face. He feels that there is something in his head that is bothering him, but he doesn't know what it is. From there, you are taken inside his mind, where you, now a strange acorn, must explore it and thus find the source of the strange symptoms that person is experiencing.

The game itself, artistically speaking, is quite interesting. Combining a kind of stop-motion with digitized images, Blockage makes the graphics a bizarre but interesting experience. As for the gameplay, the game is quite simple, since your role here, like the acorn in the person's mind, is simply to walk around and attack whatever comes your way, even red blood cells and cells.

Check out Blockage's gameplay and, if you're interested, you can download it to try it out, just click on the respective links below.



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