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BLOOD CAMP: A Horror Game Where a Young Man Returns to the Scene of a Murder to Overcome His Trauma

Blood Camp is a short survival horror indie adventure game produced by 616 Games. With strong inspiration from the 80s slasher horror, the game was published on February 8th of this year and updated on March 18th, on the and Steam platforms. In Blood Camp, you are Brad, a young man who decides to revisit a forest with his friends, in an attempt to overcome the childhood trauma, where his mother was brutally murdered by a serial killer wearing a pig mask. The problem is, after all these years, Brad didn't expect the same killer to be lurking around, ready for more deaths, and now you must find a way to survive this hell, as well as investigate further into the killer's real identity.

In addition to being inspired by the horror films of the time, Blood Camp features a visual style that mixes Resident Evil and Silent Hill, from the graphics, which have a PSX touch, only improved, to the camera system, which varies from fixed to first-person mode, plus a good old-fashioned tank-style control. Another inspiration here that can be seen is the 80s retro style that came from the Puppet Combo games. The inspiration that the creator had in relation to the games of this other producer is clear. There is nothing to complain about here, everything is very well done, with the right inspiration in the right measure. Certainly Blood Camp is recommended for fans of PSX style games and 80s horror movies.

Check out the Blood Camp gameplay and, if you're interested, buy the game on the and Steam pages. The respective links can be accessed below.



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