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BLOOD SPEAR: Kill Monsters Using a Cursed Spear with Bloodlust in this Action/Adventure Game

Blood Spear is an action-adventure game produced by ISART DIGITAL and with a demo version published on June 28 this year, on the indie gaming platform "". The game features a dark medieval style and tells the story of the Blood Spear, a cursed weapon that wakes up with a lot of bloodlust. She resurrects users to handle her, all to fulfill her relentless vengeance.

Blood Spear was produced as an institutional product, more precisely at ISART DIGITAL's 3D/VFX Animation and Video Games school, an international school focused on electronic arts, located in the Paris - Montreal - Tokyo group. We recently played a work of theirs, Astreia's Gift and, like this game, Blood Spear has very, very impressive graphics by the standards of an independent game. Everything from the landscape to the characters is very well done. Gameplay is pretty simple; you aim and shoot with the spear, move and run, and nothing else.

The challenge level appears to be influenced by games like the Souls franchise, but you can't say much just by playing the demo. You can check the Blood Spear gameplay by clicking on this link here and if you are interested in playing it, just download it from the page below:

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