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BLOODBORNE PSX: a stunning gothic-victorian horror demake with PS1 gaming aesthetics.

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Bloodborne PSX is an indie game inspired by Bloodborne by Fromsoftware developed by LWMedia where you play a demake of the PS4 original Bloodborne with PS1 game aesthetics for Windows that maintain the difficulty level and combat mechanics of the original game.

Bloodborne PSX's visuals are extremely detailed and has all of the Victorian period setting that is found in the original game. However, to bring a greater feeling of playing a game of the time, the developer added a CRT filter with scanlines that simulate an old TV, to bring the player closer to the Playstation 1 era.

The high difficulty has been preserved and you can lose your life in just a few hits even to a common enemy, demanding strategy and mastery of combat. There's also scenario exploration and massive boss battles where you'll be able to use your hunter weapons like swords and pistols to defeat these creatures.

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