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BOXGIRL: Operate the girl trapped in the cursed mansion and aim to escape using a Snake's Box

BoxGirl is a survival horror game developed by MadStudios505 where you play as a girl who got trapped in a cursed mansion and needs to find her way out. However, there is an evil spirit wandering the dark corridors of the house and that feels its presence even far away. Now you need to use your main ability: transforming into a box, to survive this nightmare.

The game has interesting visuals - although it looks generic - and a good atmosphere. The scenarios are the same to create confusion and only some rooms have a different design to be used for orientation. One in particular has a small puzzle and others are just empty or have keys.

The game is also in Japanese, but it doesn't hurt. Your goal is just to find keys, open doors until you find the exit and survive by turning into a box.


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