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C.H.A.I.N.: A Unique Horror Story Told in 20 Games

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

C.H.A.I.N. (Chronological Haunted Anomalous Interconnected Narrative) is a horror indie game whose plot is told in a sequence of 20 microgames produced by 20 developers in a span of 6 months. Every game presents a unique style, with simple gameplay, but completely functional inside of the story. The soundtrack is, in great part, ambient music, with exception of the "Dream Aether" game, that has a more animated music style.

In terms of graphics, the games vary from low poly 3D, which remembers the first PlayStation console - by the way, the macro game itself makes the question of showing what influence it had from - to most simple games, with sprites and pixels. Unfortunately, the game is not free from critics: in my opinion, the ninth game, entitled "Swell", leaves you very lost inside of the game, with no idea of what to do, and the tenth game, entitled "Organ of Eden", seems to be released without any polishing: the game is very bugged, what makes me think if the developer made that of purpose or a single, innocent fail from him.

Despite these tiny problems, "C.H.A.I.N." is, undoubtedly, one of the most intriguing indie games that I ever played, giving me more doubts than answers. Anyone that loves the so-called "Game Theories" will certainly have a good job to unveil this game here.

Check out the gameplay of every episode by clicking on the links below:

Ep.2 - Ms. Blanch:

Ep.3 - The Participants:

Ep.6 - Dream Aether:

Ep.8 - Baby Steps:

Ep.10 - Organ of Eden:

Ep.12 - Avert Your Eyes:

Ep.13 - {()[\/^^|\| |}O|}&³|°\:

Ep.18 - Scary Library:

Image Credits: papercookies

Game for download on the link below:

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