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CAIM: Explore a House Immersed in Déjá Vu in this Puzzle Game

Caim is an atmospheric indie puzzle game with a touch of psychological horror produced by Saboteurs (anacat, valter.aber, XMAZER and others), and with a prototype version published on February 28th of this year, on the "" platform. The game was produced in 40 hours for this year's Mad Game Jam, whose theme is "Déjà Vu", and won first place plus honorable mentions in terms of Art, Concept, and Originality. Because it is the theme addressed, the game does not have a plot: you just wake up in a room that seems to repeat itself each time you open a certain door, even being able to come across yourself at a certain time.

Being short and to the point: the game has a look that embraces the aesthetics of PSX games, Sony's 32-bit console. The gameplay is simple, you only move with the WASD keys and interact with the Mouse, and it is enough to solve the puzzles. Nothing more, nothing less.

Check out Caim's gameplay by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, download the prototype version on the "" page below:

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