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CALIFORNICATION: An Adventure Game that Pays Homage to the Homonimous Music Video by the Band RHCP

Californication is a short indie action-adventure game that was produced by Miquel Campos Orteza and published on February 28th of this year. The game is nothing more than a tribute to the song of the same name, created by the band Red Hot Chili Peppers, and is basically a reproduction of the music video, where its members are like video game characters and go through several stages. The game was created as a personal will of gamedev, where he said that he wanted to play this "game", and that he decided to produce it since there was no one who had done something like that.

The game has very simple graphics, and it's no wonder, since it's a simple job and a challenge for Miquel himself, as he said on the game's page. You go through a total of seven stages, each one inspired by various moments from the music video, ranging from running in the forest, snowboarding, diving under the sea and even running from a city being destroyed. Your objective in each stage is to find and collect five band symbols. You can control one of the four members (Anthony, Flea, Chad and John) and, of course, choose between the band's original music or the covers, which will take you to YouTube videos to play while you play.

In my opinion, the game is very interesting, it gave us an idea of ​​what a band game would be like and it even reproduced the stages that appear in the video clip very well, but I believe it would be really cool if all the stages were present here, in addition to a further development in the game, such as camera changes that were faithful to some moments of the music video and even a story mode that served at least as a backdrop for everything that happens in the game. But that would perhaps take too long and only time will tell if Miquel would decide that or not.

Check out the gameplay of Californication (without the music, to avoid copyright issues) and, if you're interested, download the game by clicking on the respective links below.


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