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CAPTURE CORPES.: ARCHIPELAGO: Investigate the Most Remote Islands for Artifacts and Secrets

Capture Corps: Archipelago is a short indie adventure exploration game with touches of horror that was produced by XENA_SN and published on December 22nd this year, on the platform. In the game, you control a kind of researcher who investigates the most remote oceanic places on earth, looking for artifacts and dark secrets.

The game was produced for the DreadXP Dredge the Depths Jam and has really cool visuals, which are very reminiscent of the style of many PSX games. In terms of gameplay, you have a variety, such as piloting a boat, using a mobile phone to take pictures of various things that don't show up with the naked eye, but on the device's screen, and using a fuse to emit a signal to remove foreign objects.

Check out the gameplay of Capture Corps: Archipelago and, if you are interested, you can download it by clicking on the links below.


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