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CASTLEVANIA RESURRECTION: Check Out An Castlevania Prototype Released After More Than 20 Years

Castlevania Resurrection was a project for an adventure game and platform that would be released for the Sega Dreamcast, but it was canceled in March 2000 due to several reasons, among them disagreements between the Japanese and American teams at Konami, and the announcement of the Playstation 2, in addition to the death of Sega's own 128-bit console. The game's story would take place in 1966, long before the events of the first game in the series. You would control Sonia Belmont (the first vampire hunter in the family), as well as a new character, the renegade hunter, Victor Belmont, who came from the future, more precisely from the 1800s. Victor would be transported in time and trained by Sonia to, together, defeat Count Dracula.

The prototype is a demo that was produced before the version shown at E3 1999, behind closed doors. Here, you only control Sonia in five areas, which are chosen by pressing Start. The prototype presents good graphics, although different from those seen in the images published in magazines and websites. However, there are some negative points here, such as tough gameplay, several bugs and a song that runs throughout the demo. But despite that, there is not much to talk about, after all we are talking about a demo that was in an early stage of development. And it is a pity that we only had access, after more than 20 years, to this pre-demo, and not the demo that was shown at E3, however, in the face of a finding like this, it is better than nothing.

Check the gameplay of this prototype in this link here. If you are interested in testing it, just download it from the link below:

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