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CHUCKY THE KILLER DOLL: your parents were murdered by a doll in this Child's Play-inspired survival.

Chucky The Killer Doll is a survival horror game developed by darkaory where you discover that your doll is not in the box and your parents have been murdered. Also, the puppet appears in random places in the house and the power needs to be reactivated. Your goal now is to survive and find a way to perform a hidden spell to defeat the evil puppet in this game inspired by the movies from the Child's Play franchise.

The game has two exploitable scenarios where the player must look for items scattered around the house. There are keys, tools, books and even occult objects that will help you finish off the killer puppet before it finishes you off.

The game has generic graphics, but Chucky has its own care with textures that resemble the original puppet and a pose and movement that is very reminiscent of the franchise's movies. However, the sound sometimes seems too loud just to force fear into the player.


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