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CLEANING REDVILLE: Discover the Truth About the City (and Your Job) as You Pick Up the Trash

Cleaning Redville is a short indie game produced by DopplerGhost and published on February 27th of this year. The game was produced for Brackey's Game Jam and in it, you are a garbage man who works late at night, driving his truck and picking up trash. You have been called to do your work in a small town in the middle of the forest. However, as you walk, you read letters that talk about certain rumors... The doubts: Is the city really what it seems to be? Are you sure you're safe walking around? Is your job really your job? Is he considered normal there?

As stated above, the game was produced for the first Brackey's Game Jam this year, and we soon see how well the game is made. Cleaning Redville features retro low-poly graphics in the good old PSX style of being. The gameplay features a simulation style: you just drive the truck, and stop it in front of signs that indicate the amount of garbage bags you have to put in the truck. After placing the bags, you activate a lever that presses all the garbage. After completing the number for that point, you move on to the next one. The horror element here is pretty simple and typical, like lights going out of nowhere, things suddenly appearing, nothing more and nothing less.

It would be interesting if it were better developed, expanded, with a more elaborate plot, but rarely games produced in game jam manage to reach that point. Other than that, it's a nice little game that's worth checking out. The game is available on the platform. In addition, Cleaning Redville gameplay is available on our channel. Just click on the respective links below.


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