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CORPSE OCEAN: Investigate the Ocean Depths for Organic Material from an Abandoned Submarine

CorpseOcean is an indie action and survival game that was produced by KIRA (or Akuma Kira) and was published on December 19th of this year, on the platform. The game was produced for Dread XP's Dredge the Depths Jam and in it, you control a small submarine operator who investigates the depths of a marine area, where it has been reported that an ancient sunken submarine has been found. Your objective is to follow the coordinates and use Sonar to find and remove all organic material leaked from the submarine.

KIRA is already a figure known for producing interesting indie games such as Lost in Vivo, The Undying Beast and Uktena64 (which is in the Dread X Collection: The Hunt anthology). They all have the same in common with CorpseOcean, namely, spectacular retro graphics, sensational gameplay and a peculiar horror atmosphere. The gameplay has a simulation style, where you have sonar help and a screen containing information about objectives, location coordinates and even videos, obtained through VHS tapes scattered around the location (apparently), which leads the player to want to explore a little more in search of something different.

Check out CorpseOcean's gameplay and, if you're interested, you can download the game by clicking on the links below


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