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CURSED TRAVELS: BELOW THE FACTORY: A Impressive 1-Bit Puzzle/Platform Game About a Strange Seal

Cursed Travels: Below the Factory is a short indie adventure, platform and third-person puzzle game that was produced and developed by Ferociter (a.k.a. Casper Van Dommelen) and published on May 21st of this year, and is available to play via browser, on the platform. In the game, you are Farold Roberts, an investigator who, in the company of a demon named Atzlar, goes to an old abandoned factory, where rumors say that several workers died there three years ago, and that now their souls roam the place, sealed, where their screams haunt the residents nearby.

Below the Factory is part of a series of episodes that act under the title "Cursed Travels", created by Ferociter, where we follow the investigations of Farold Roberts into cases involving the supernatural. The series currently has a total of four episodes (including Below The Factory), and a new one, titled "Sunken City" is in the works, scheduled for a 2023 release. As with the other games, Below the Factory also features a graphics style very retro, with pixel art with a predominance of a single color and its variations, reminding a little of the beginnings of PC games of the 80s. The gameplay is very simple and democratic, where you can play both in the old (arrows and keys on the left), and on the current model (the famous WASD, and keys on the right). The game has some puzzles that can be challenging depending on how familiar you are with games of the genre.

Check out the Cursed Travels: Below the Factory gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, play Cursed Travels: Below the Factory game on the page. The respective links are available below, just click on them.

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