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CYBER SHEEP: Face a Unknown Robotic Threat in this Metroidvania Cyberpunk Game

Cyber ​​Sheep is a 2D platform indie action game being produced by Yawning Fox and which had a demo version published on the platform on December 25th of this year. In Cyber ​​Sheep, you control an droid built to be part of a police force known as the Cyber ​​Sheep: the goal is simple, take on rogue machines around town, which has been taken over by an unknown robotic threat.

The game is about metroidvania but with a fast-paced action and style similar to the Mega Man franchise games released for the Nintendo DS (Megaman Zero and ZX series). You control one of three droids (Ophelia, Cythia and Shadow) on fully roguelite maps that vary each playtime. In addition, you can use three weapons (which can either be obtained from maps or from the item shop), plus a weapon fusion system, where certain weapons are combined to create more powerful weapons.

Unfortunately the game has some minor bugs and the demo version is pretty much at the outset, without featuring a map ending and a boss of its own, but even so the pixelated 2d look and fast-paced gameplay makes Cyber ​​Sheep a game with excellent potential for a complete and very good game. While we wait for the final version, check out the Cyber ​​Sheep gameplay and, if you're interested, download the demo by clicking on the links below.


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