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Cybertrash Statyx is a run and gun game - similar to games like Contra - developed by Uncle Frost Team where you play as Jenet, who tries to escape from a dictatorial corporation that turns her opponents into cyborgs.

The game has 2D visuals and has a very European aesthetic, reminiscent of games for microcomputers like the Commodore Amiga, which may make some players very nostalgic. The gameplay is more rhythmic and will require more mastery of skills that are heavily used on the game's platforms. Add to that, a futuristic arsenal ranging from laser weapons, to very powerful short-range shotguns, machine guns and even grenade launchers.

Cybertrash Statyx demo has adventure moments, stages full of platforms and items to get and a fight with a boss that is not difficult if you know where to locate yourself and understand the patterns.

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