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DARK AND IMMENSE: Find Out What's Behind this Old Complex in this Survival Horror Game

Dark and Immense is a first-person survival horror indie game being produced by Akmal Kamalov and has a Build version that has been developed and updated on the indie gaming platform "". It was published on July 3rd of this year and updated on August 8th. Dark and Immense does not have a defined plot, but the idea presented here indicates that you start the game in what appears to be a huge research complex, where the story seems to be built through notes that you find around the place. The game seems to have many influences from CAPCOM's Resident Evil franchise.

As mentioned above, the game is in the development stage, with a Build version available. Only from this version can we see how the game needs polishing and improvements. Admittedly, there are some more visual bugs, for example, when picking up ammunition for a pistol right at the beginning of the game: there is confusion because the mouse sometimes points and lights up the place where it is located, instead of lighting the ammunition. . One specific part, near the end of the Build, is in a room where the furniture has been stacked to create a path towards the ventilation duct. The problem is that it was not intuitive, as it took me a considerable amount of time to discover that I only needed to crouch to be able to climb up and enter the pipeline. Nothing intuitive even around here.

Anyway, Dark and Immense is still at an early stage, but it is an interesting project that is worth following up on. Check out the Dark and Immense Build gameplay by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, you can download the game on the page below:

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