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DARKEST ABYSS - Download Game

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Darkest Abyss is a 2D platform game inspired by Castlevania developed by 2ndBoss where you play as Countess Lucy, a demon hunter, who searches for a cure for her curse but must first face the most bizarre creatures and save allies who will help on her journey.

The game has visuals inspired by the 8-bit era and is very reminiscent of the first games in the Castlevania franchise, however, you have more explorable paths even though it is linear, where you can find secrets, friends, hidden enemies and items.

The battle in Darkest Abyss is good and the challenge found in the rooms is balanced, even in the boss battles, which, despite being large, are very easy to understand and can be beaten even without help from the sub-weapons.

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