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DEAD END CITY: Rescue Your Loved One And Bring Peace To A Wasteland In This Mad Max-Inspired Game.

Dead End City is a third-person vertical shooter action game being developed by Pixel Licker LLC and scheduled for release sometime this year. A demo version of the game, however, was recently published and is available on the Steam platform. Dead End City places the player in a post-apocalyptic world a la Mad Max, where civilization is extinct and the few survivors suffer at the hands of the strongest and cruelest. Among them is a gang known as Scorpio, and you've had your place of tranquility ruined and your lover kidnapped by them, now it's up to you to arm yourself to the teeth, pilot your combat vehicle (which bears the name Chariot) and make it rain. the fires of hell upon them, and thus rescue his beloved.

What we have here in Dead End City is an arcade action game that drinks straight from the source, namely the adrenaline-fueled arcade games that were common in the 90s. The gameplay apparently follows in the best shoot'em up style, where you go through several stages shooting non-stop at enemies and huge and massive bosses while collecting Fuel, a very important element to make the game proceed and that apparently works like the game time. If the fuel bar runs out, your vehicle will stop working and then it's Game Over. As for the graphics, Dead End City presents an incredible pixel art look, which emulates the style (and spirit) characteristic of arcade games of that time, with a touch of novelty.

Check out the Dead End City gameplay that is available on our channel. If you're interested, download Dead End City game (the demo, to be exact) on the Steam page. Take the opportunity to leave the game on your wishlist, in case you want to purchase it in the future. The respective links are below.

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