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DEMEMORIZE: 2.5d horror game about a degenerative, neurological disease that eats away at memories.

Dememorize is an indie horror adventure game developed by psy_wombats where you play as Tess, aka patient 2876, in a ward of a hospital for N9 carriers - a neurological disease that erodes the memory of the infected and spreads by eye contact - that seems quite far from the normal world.

The game has 2d and 3d visuals where, during the day, you explore scenarios in 2 dimensions and, at night, wander through the installations of the place in first person, giving a sense of stealth and horror game where the rooms are dark and the dialogues point for something bigger.

The game is about 1 hour long and has a bug at the end of the game where, when interacting with a character, the game simply stops working. However, we show in our gameplay how to fix this problem easily without starting over again.


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