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Disappointment Engine: a horror game with RPG elements with monsters and a whale that rips the skies

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Disappointment Engine is an adventure game with RPG and survival horror elements developed by Adrii where you control a girl in a strange world with a whale that flies in the skies. Now you need to find a way out while meeting people with conversations full of feelings and bizarre beings who want to annihilate you.

The gameplay is based on exploration, where you chat with characters to better understand the game's narrative and improve its status. During the exploration you need to collect items and find new accesses to other paths, while inside the battle, you can select between attack, defense and escape that can be selected using the arrow keys that represent the respective functions, confirming again with the same key. The red dots on enemies are where you can attack, so make sure you destroy them before they destroy you.

Disappointment Engine is an incredible game. With a theme involving feelings like guilt and low self-esteem. The looks are very good as are all the aesthetic decisions.

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