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DISCONNECTED PT. 2: Escape from Mountains While Hunted by the Police in this Adventure Game

Disconnected: Pt .2 is an indie simulation and first-person shooter game produced by Geqwe and published on January 21st this year on the indie gaming platform "". The game is an episodic sequence of the first game and, here we control the detective who went to Three Sisters, in Canada, in search of a serial killer. However, an event happens at the end of the first game, and this causes the police to hunt you down, which leads you to flee the mountains.

The game features the same gameplay as in the first episode, but with some changes: While you had to control your body temperature in the first game, here in the second it no longer exists, on the contrary, you can run freely without experiencing a drop in temperature. The biggest difference here is that you can pilot vehicles and shoot your enemies. In addition to the gameplay, the graphics are the same as in the first game. The soundtrack, even though it was composed for this episode, still maintains the same relaxing and melancholic air.

With two episodes available, the detective saga will come to an end in its third and final episode. It remains to wait to know the end of it. It is worth taking a look at. You can watch the gameplay of the game by clicking here, or have the experience of playing by downloading it by clicking on the link below:

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