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DISPATCHED!: Mail as Many Parcels as You Can (and in the Right Places) within the Allocated Time

Dispatched! is a short fast-paced indie rhythm game being produced by Sheep and Ram Studio and which had its demo version published for access on the platform on January 21st of this year. In Dispatched!, your goal is to mail as many parcels as you can within the allocated time. There are different color parcels (red and blue) that must be allocated to the correct trucks.

The game has very simple graphics, with a slight inspiration from PSX games (only with a filter that smoothes the jagged edges). The gameplay is also considered simple, as you control two employees using only the Q (employee left) and P (employee right) keys. The challenge is due to the speed with which the parcels appear, including those with red and blue colors, which requires speed in the commands. As you get it right, the score will increase.

Check out the Dispatched gameplay! and, if you're interested, play the game on the page. Just click on the respective links below.


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