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DIVINE WORDS: Free Prague from the Curse of the Philosopher's Stone in this Action Game

Divine Words is an indie action-adventure game (more precisely hack-n-slash) produced by Robin Six and his project colleagues and published on January 26th of this year on the indie gaming platform "". The story takes place in the city of Prague, capital of the Czech Republic in the middle of the 10th century, where Vencelas the first, was witnessing the creation of the Philosopher's Stone. However, the creation of the legendary stone caused an explosion that devastated the city and its inhabitants, casting a curse on itself. Now it is up to you, as Al-Basir, a member of the Order of the Protectors, to find a way to prevent the curse.

The game was produced by six students with the help of a composer and an external sound designer. Only with that, we can already see the effort they had to make a very interesting game. The soundtrack is very good and fits well with the atmosphere of mystery and action provided by the demo. The graphics are very well done, something very professional indeed. The gameplay is very fluid and typical of many games of the genre, like Dante's Inferno or the first God of War games.

But despite these positive points, the game has many bugs, some of them even throwing the character off the map. Another negative factor would be the lack of a skill-buying system. You can make good combos using the medium and strong attack buttons, but you can improve this aspect more. Another skill that you could have put here would be a button for defense, but I think this is just a prototype, probably the creators must have thought of these ideas.

Despite appearing on the "" page with the status of released, I believe that they can still improve this project. Divine Words has a good potential to be a great game, with a great storyline, excellent graphics, and great gameplay. Watch the gameplay by clicking here, or have the experience of playing by downloading it on the link below:

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