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DO NOT PASS GO: Get Money and Avoid Money Bags in this Horror Game that Parodies Monopoly

Do Not Pass Go is a first-person indie horror game produced by MicroHorrorArcade and published on January 19 this year on the "" platform. The game is a parody of the Monopoly board game, but in a darker and more frightening style. You go through a maze and your goal is to raise $ 200 and get back to the beginning, where there is an escape door, before Money Bags realizes your presence and eliminates you from the game.

The gameplay consists only of moving and looking around with the mouse. Here you must be stealthy, guiding yourself only by the noise made by both Money Bags and the police. If you are caught by the police, you lose money and still remain inactive for a few seconds.

You have three attempts in the game and, if caught by Money Bags, you lose one attempt, but you return with the money collected and must find your opponent in 60 seconds. If time runs out, Money Bags will go after you, this time to kill you.

The graphics refer to the style of the early days of the PS1, when the limitations of Sony's 32-bit console were not yet explored. It is short, but guarantees good moments of tension and scares at all times. Check out the gameplay of the game by clicking here and take the opportunity to download the game through the link below:

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