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DOLL CHAMBER: A Horror Game about Dolls and Changes in Reality

Doll Chamber is a game of simulation and psychological horror produced by Nekohino and published on March 9th of this year, on the indie games platform "". In the game, you control a girl (or boy) who, upon waking up, realizes that your home is no longer the same: you find yourself in a strange corridor, filled with frightening images. However, it seems that all this is related to a doll in lilac clothes, and she did not come to play...

This is a game that was produced as an artistic project by Nekohino, and that explains why Doll Chamber is so simple, both in its gameplay and in terms of graphics. The game is more of an audiovisual horror experience.

Check out the Doll Chamber gameplay at this link here and, if you are interested, you can download the game from the "" page below:

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