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DOOM SHINOBI: Slay Your Enemies using Swords, Shurikens and Ninjutsus in this Amazing Doom Mod

Doom Shinobi is a third-person Hack n' Slash Mod being produced for GZDoom (more precisely for the game Doom 2: Hell on Earth), where you control a ninja in a completely new experience for the Doom game. The mod was released on February 13th of this year and is available on the Moddb page.

So far, the mod has only the protagonist, with his special commands and the third-person camera, but according to the mod's creator, edypagaza, there is a long-term plan for new implementations for this mod, which will from more weapons, fatalities, original enemies, bosses to even a complete original map pack. The gameplay is unique and you can choose between two weapons, in addition to using shurikens and various ninja techniques capable of annihilating large numbers of enemies.

Undoubtedly it is a mod that brings a new gameplay experience to Doom. In fact, Doom II has become something of a foundation on which many mods are built, featuring completely different and interesting new games (Castlevania: Simon's Destiny is a prime example), and some of them even having huge potential for a complete new game as well. produced. It will be very interesting to see this mod evolving from now on, to the point of becoming a full game in its own right.

Check out Doom Shinobi's gameplay and, if you're interested, you can download the mod from the page below. You will need the GZDoom program to run the mod, as well as the "wad" file for Doom 2: Hell on Earth (the game can be easily purchased on Steam or GOG). Also, you can collaborate on edypagaza's Patreon if you feel compelled to contribute to his work. The links are below.




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