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DOOMORI: Omori Meets Doom in an Explosive (and weird) FPS Fangame

Doomori is a first person shooter indie fangame produced by Totally Fungal Devs and published on August 6th of that year, on the indie gaming platform "". Doomori is a result of the fusion of two different games: Omori (produced by OMOCAT, LLC) and one of the greatest FPS of all time, Doom, from Id Software. The game works somewhat like a parody of both, and tells the story of Omori, a boy who has long lived in his little world called Whitespace. The difference is that this time, he decides to venture into other worlds with a single goal in mind: kill whatever lies ahead and save a special person.

Personally, I've never played Omori; to be honest I only know it now because of this fangame here. So I'm just going to talk about this particular game. Graphically, the game is visually fantastic. The world where the game is set and its characters are full of life, colorful and well animated. The soundtrack provides support and a mood that can range from fun to dark in some stages. As for gameplay, there's nothing to talk about here: it's pure and simple Doom, with minor changes. During some moments you will need to use a particular skill (Bullet Time?) to be able to attack more opponents in a short time.

The only downside I saw here is that it could be better exploited. You can do a lot with what they've done here, Doomori has great potential. Check out the gameplay of this game by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested or are a fan of the original game, it's worth trying this one out, just click on the game page below:

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