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DOORS - PARADOX: An Relaxing Puzzle Game about Chaos, Order and the Surreal in the Time and Space

Doors: Paradox is an indie puzzle game being produced by Big Loop Studios and whose release date is scheduled for June this year, but a demo version, containing 6 stages, is available on the Steam platform. In the game, you find yourself in various locations in time and space, and are joined by the time-travel guide Zula. No matter where you are, the objective is simple: solve the puzzles, open the door and travel to the next location. Uncover the secrets of the places you find yourself.

Doors: Paradox is a typical casual puzzle game where the focus is on solving problems in a relaxing and fun environment. Although its graphics are very well produced, beautiful and colorful even, the biggest point of the game is in the gameplay: with just a single mouse, you explore the door and its surroundings, looking for clues and collecting gems, and that's where you are. the fun. The game consists of several puzzles whose challenge is suitable for all players who are interested in playing it.

Check out the Doors: Paradox gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game's demo. If you want, add it to your Steam Wishlist. Just click on the respective links below.

CHECK OUT THE GAMEPLAY HERE: https://youtu.be/jJt4K00oWwY

DOWNLOAD THE DEMO (AND, IF YOU WANT, WISHLIST THE GAME) HERE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1622770/Doors_Paradox/

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