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DREAD TEMPLAR: Be the Hell Demons' Worst Nightmare in this Retro FPS Game

Dread Templar is a first-person shooter produced by T19 Games and distributed by 1C Entertainment and slated to be released later this year on Steam. In Dread Templar, you control a templar who descended into Hell seeking revenge. To achieve his revenge, he will have weapons and equipment that will make you the worst nightmare of demons.

Previously known as Hell Hunt, the game features an FPS style that refers to several games of the same style from the 90s, such as Quake, Hexen II and Doom, but with a modern visual style. The idea here is the same as present in these games: kill everything that comes your way, find keys and secret places, trigger mechanisms, in short, everything here that made up the uncompromising fun that games had at that time. The soundtrack is perhaps one of the game's highlights: all the action is packed with nervous heavy metal that brings a lot of adrenaline to the player. Customization is also an interesting aspect here, where you upgrade your weapons using certain special stones that are found in some locations on the stage. This helps the player to create their own style of play.

You can check out Dread Templar's gameplay by clicking this link here and, if you're interested, you can add the game to your Steam account's wish list to buy when it launches or in a promotion. Just go to the page below:


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