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DREAD X COLLECTION: THE HUNT: Investigate an Abandoned Base and Seven Games in this Horror Anthology

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Dread X Collection: The Hunt is an indie action, adventure and horror game produced as a collaboration between Dread XP and David Szymanski (the creator of DUSK), which was published on the Steam platform on April 13 this year. The game is an anthology, similar to the Haunted PS1, but with a difference: the games are inserted into a macro game, with a defined story. In this story, you control Artemis, who upon receiving a recorded message from someone related to his past, goes to the abandoned ARK 2 research base, trying to unravel the mystery about whatever happened there.

Check out the gameplay of the games present in the anthology, which will be shown every day here in this post. Take the opportunity, if interested, to buy the game on the Steam link below:

AXIS MUNDI: As a Ghost Hunter, investigate a Mall and go back in time to find out why the place is haunted:

UKTENA 64: Help Jebediah to discover why animals are diseased and hunt them to avoid the disease proliferation:

ROSE OF MEAT: A Horror Game where You Must Escape From an Island Surrounded by Meat and Madness:

SERAPHIXIAL: Save Your Daughter from Otherworldly Monsters in this Horror Game:

BLACK RELIC: Find a Sacred Relic and Take Revenge on a Demonic Cult in this Horror Game:

THE FRUIT: Investigate your Partner's Whereabouts in a Macabre Village in this Survival Horror:

THE HOUSE OF UNREST: As a Badass Priest, Exorcise Hellspawn Demons in this Horror Game:

THE HUNT: Investigate Events Involving an Arctic Base and an Unknown Virus in this Horror Game:

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