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Echoes of Counsciousness is a first-person horror game developed by LunarLightInteractive where you play as a boy who wakes up in a deserted city with strange reality-warping modes. While exploring the place, a strange figure appears and that may be the key to the mystery of the place.

The game has puzzle-platform gameplay where you distort reality by adding or removing items from the place, which generates several situations where you will need to have a good intuition to create paths with the altered objects. However, not all puzzles are so easy to understand, which makes placing objects a task that will take several attempts.

What draws the most attention in Echoes of Counsciousness is its visuals. The 3D assets are really impressive and follow an eye-catching art style, with bright colors and a well-selected palette. Unfortunately, we can't say the same about the audio work, which lacked a better mixing job, making some dialogues almost inaudible.

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